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Adaptil Diffuser (Inc 48ml refill)

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Adaptil Diffuser (Including 48ml Refill)



Adaptil helps to reassure dogs during new experiences and recurring fearful events which are often associated with stress in dogs and puppies.

The Adaptil dog appeasing pheromone is a natural pheromone that is usually omitted by the mother dog just after giving birth, this is designed to reassure and comfort the puppies whilst reinforce the mother–offspring attachment

This same pheromone can have this effect on adult dogs, this comforting message has been clinically proven reduce stress and increase focus.  This helps to reduce stress levels and eliminate unwanted behavior.


Adaptil is ideal for use in many situation and at any time and is available in a household diffusors, spray and a collar.


The Adaprtil products echo our values:


Natural – Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone


Safe – Adaptil is Odorless, specifically for dogs and can be used alongside any medication


Published studies – Instilling confident in the Adaptil range


Trusted – Adaptil has been used with confident over the last 10 years


This pack contains a plug-in diffusor and 48ml refill (the refill will last roughly 1 month) – compatible with UK 3 pin plug.



See the how to use tab for a handy 'how to' video

Dog appeasing pheromone

  • Screw the refill to the top of the diffuser
  • Plug the diffuser into an eclectic socket in the room the dog spends most of its time
  • Leave on continuously
  • Replace the refill every month