Jump Start Normal Eating

There are many different reasons why your dog or cat may have a lack of appetite. It could be that they are simply a fussy eater but it could also be something more complex. For example, inappetence could be an indicator of stress with common causes being changes in routine, environment or diet. Illness could also cause a dog or cat to stop eating because of pain, nausea or an obstruction so whenever inappetence is observed, it’s worthwhile to investigate the cause.

In some situations it is perfectly normal for a pet’s appetite to decrease such as if a bitch in in season or if a male dog is in close proximity to a bitch in season. Environmental factors such a hot weather could also cause a dog to eat less than they usually would. 

Appetites can vary between individual pets so whenever you are assessing inappetence, it’s important to consider what your pet’s usual appetite is like. 

While the causes of appetite loss are not always serious, the physical effects of not eating can be tragic especially in cats as they are prone to developing hepatic lipidosis after a period of inappetence. Hepatic lipidosis is a potentially irreversible form of liver dysfunction that appears to primarily affect the feline species. You should seek immediate veterinary treatment if your cat or dog has not eaten within 24 hours or if you notice any other accompanying symptoms including trouble urinating, unusual aggression, vomiting, diarrhoea or physical discomfort.

For pets needing an extra boost or encouragement to eat or drink, Nutribound can be used as an appetite stimulant. Nutribound is a highly palatable, liquid, complementary feed which stimulates eating and drinking in both cats and dogs. With its selective formula of essential nutrients, Omega 3 and 6, prebiotics and vitamins, Nutribound can be given with food, water or on its own. Nutribound comes in a handy size, take home bottle and can be given for 14 consecutive days or until normal eating and drinking is observed. 

Jump start normal eating with Nutribound!