Taming the Summer of '18

Summer safety tips for dogs and cats.

A very ‘un’ British summer has brought Mediterranean conditions to our shores, and parasites just love them.  

Extreme heat and humidity make it uncomfortable for the furry members of the family, but itching is discomfort’s cherry on top leaving dogs and cats exhausted and with irritated skin.

Following all of the usual and sensible advice about care of our pets in the heat is a given.  But it’s worth a reminder.

Ensuring access to cool and airy spaces – shade outdoors and a cool spot inside – ensuring free access to water inside and out and some other more creative cool-down solutions are all worth considering.  Most dogs appreciate a paddling pool for a refresh.

Brushing is important too.  Matted fur – on cats and dogs – doesn’t allow air to flow around your pet’s skin.  Well-brushed fur helps regulate temperature, makes your pet more comfortable and is a less hospitable host for those parasitic nasties.

And don’t forget the sun protection.  Dogs need protection from the sun just like we do. Petkin has a great range of sunscreen products that are handy and easy to use.  Doggy Sunmist is so quick to use, just spray and go.  It was developed especially for dogs and compares to SPF 15 rated sunscreens for people.

Walks with the dog have had to be relegated to super-early mornings or later evenings with shadier routes being heavily favoured.  There are pleasures to be found in the switch of routine, not least for your dog to make new friends as the dog-walker numbers concentrate around these times of day.  Listless dogs, once away from the heat of the day, finally enjoy burning off some energy together.

To make sure they get the most out of the summer, look after heated skin.  It is more sensitive and a soothing wash down with Allermyl shampoo helps restore damage caused by allergic reactions in dogs and cats.

The parasite protection you choose is just as important,

Effipro is an effective treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks in dogs. Developed with pet owners in mind, the Effipro® pipette is easy to use, and your dog will barely notice that anything is happening - beyond an impromptu cuddle.  The product stays in the pipette until you and your pet are ready.

So - all easy, low impact and very dog-friendly – the perfect way to administer protection to the hot and bothered.

Flea Safe is another approach to protection for dogs, cats and horses and can be fed daily to form a natural deterrent. 

Garlic is widely acknowledged as an additional aid to digestion and well-being, and this 100% garlic product is great value too.  

Worming is an important part of combating the parasites – some worms use fleas and similar hosts as part of their own life-cycle - and there are plenty of products on the market that offer protection.  Drontal is a combined roundworm and tapeworm treatment suitable for dogs and comes in an easily administered flavoured and chewable format.  It can be used in partnership with Advantage flea treatment for full protection.  Drontal is great for cats too, in film-coated tablet form for ease of swallowing.  

Don’t forget to protect your home.  Fleas are sneaky and just the kind of secret house-mates no one welcomes.  So not just pet bedding, but carpet and soft furnishings everywhere, they’re all easily treated with Indorex.

It gives your home the longest protection against adult fleas and dust mites, killing them on contact in minutes for up to 2 months.

Not only does Indorex control adult fleas and dust mites in the home, it also prevents flea and dust mite eggs and larvae hatching for 12 months. 

One treatment with Indorex provides a year’s worth of safe, effective protection for your home.