Pronefra Dog & Cat (60ml)



Palatable and easy to administer, Pronefra can be administered on to food or directly into the animals mouth using the syringe provided. Pronefra has a patented 4 in 1 formula. The calcium and magnesium carbonates (phosphate binders) which it contains are used to help slow the progress of chronic kidney disease. While another ingredient, chitosan can limit the level of toxins in the body which are responsible for certain clinical signs. The aim is to preserve the animal's quality of life.

Fibrosis and hypertension are common complications of chronic kidney disease. Without curing or correcting them, Pronefra can help maintain a balance for as long as possible using polysaccharides of astragales and protensin which contribute to maintaining a normal renal architecture and blood pressure respectively.

Suitable for all cats & dogs.

Safety Warning
Pronefra is an easy to use liquid that can be given directly into the mouth or mixed in with your pets food. It is supplied with a graduated syringe (based in weight in kg) for accurate and easy administration.

  • 60ml for Cats - 1 month administration for a 4kg cat
  • 180ml for Cats and Dogs - 3 month administration for a 4kg cat or 1 month administration for a 15kg dog

Astragalus (9.5%), meat and animal derivatives (poultry), calcium carbonate (3.57%), fish protein hydrolysate (1.9%), magnesium carbonate (0.95%), chitosan (0.95%) and glycerides. Additives per kg: technical additives: butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), E 321 (1b): 190 mg*; Polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan-monooleate, E 433 (1): 4800 mg.

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