ProtectaJoint - Glucosamine & MSM Liquid

Size: 125ml


This extra strength formula of Glucosamine & MSM helps maintain healthy lubricated cartilage and joints. It also helps the body in producing synovial fluid which acts as a joint shock absorber.

B vitamins 2, 6 & 12 are included to ensure the metabolism is working efficiently, if the metabolism is insufficient then the growth, development and repair of the body systems may be compromised.

Vitamin A to help ensure correct development of the skeleton and other body systems.

Vitamin D is involved in the absorption, uptake and transport of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant similar in function to vitamin C and therefore helps to support the joint structures

Magnesium is involved in calcium and phosphorus metabolism and has been included to ensure the calcium and phosphorus from the diet is utilised correctly.

Copper is included as it is involved in the formation of cartilage, bone, and elastin, all of which are vital in the maintenance and repair of the joint structures.

Zinc has been included, again to aid the development and maintenance of the joint.

Yucca extract has been included for its natural properties that help joint function.

The base of apple cider vinegar is also renowned for its properties that help joint function and repair.

Suitable for all cats & dogs (and Horses)

Protecta Joint liquid can be added to food or administered by a liquid syringe orally
Dogs (Daily)
Under 10kg = 2.5ml
10 – 20kg = 2.5ml
21 – 35kg = 5ml
Over 35kg = 10ml
Cats (Daily)
Small 1.5ml
Large 2.5ml



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