Pet Dent Oral Gel (60g)



Pet Dent Oral Gel is a highly palatable gel preparation for the promotion of oral hygiene in dogs, cats and other animals. It is recommended for use when brushing is not practical. The unique formulation ensures that the active ingredients stay in contact with the mouth and teeth surfaces for a prolonged period, discouraging the accumulation of plaque, bad breath and tooth problems. 

Pet Dent Oral Gel is ideal for:

  • Controlling bad breath
  • Training Puppy and Kitten to follow a dental routine
  • Use after dental scale and polish

Suitable for all cats & dogs.

Safety Warning
Apply once daily using the finger or a soft bristled toothbrush. Due to its pleasant flavour most animals will readily accept the gel. 

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% m/v and Zinc Gluconate 0.1% m/v

Always read the label


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