Droncit Tabs 50mg (16 tabs)



Droncit Tapeworm tablets are for the treatment of adult tapeworms in dogs and cats. The product is a highly effective treatment against both the mature and immature forms of all the common species of tapeworm infecting dogs and cats including Echinococcus granulosus, Taenia ovis, Taenia pisiformis, Taenia multiceps, Taenia hydatigena, Taenia taeniaeformis, and Dipylidium caninum. Droncit is also effective against Echinococcus multilocularis.

Suitable for all Cats & Dogs

Safety Warning
The tablets are administered by opening the animal's mouth and pushing the tablet over the back of the tongue so that it cannot be rejected. Alternatively, a tablet can be wrapped in a piece of meat or butter and offered to the animal or crushed and mixed with the food.

Dogs: Body weight
2.5–5.0 kg ½ tablet
6.0–10.0 kg 1 tablet
11.0–20.0 kg 2 tablets
21.0–30.0 kg 3 tablets
Over 30 kg pro rata
Adult cats ½ tablet


Each Tablet Contains: Praziquantel 50mg
Do not use in Puppies or Kittens

Always read the label

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