Effipro Spot On Sm Dog (4pk)



Effipro is an effective treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks in dogs. Developed with pet owners in mind, the award-winning1 innovative Effipro® pipette with its unique Drop-Lock technology puts you in complete control. The topical solution treats and prevents flea infestations and remains effective for up to 7 weeks. It will also inhibit flea egg growth into adult fleas for up to 12 weeks after treatment.

Suitable for Dogs Weighing more than 2kg and less than 10kg
NOT suitable for sharing. Each unit must only be used on one animal.


Safety Warning
For animal treatment only, not to be used during pregnancy. Suitable for animals that are at least 2 months old. For external use only.

Dosage and Treatment Schedule

Dog weight (kg) Pipette volume (ml) Fipronil (mg) Pyriproxyfen (mg)
2 - 10 0.67 67 20.1
10 - 20 1.34 134 40.2
20 - 40 2.68 268 80.4
40 - 60 4.02 402 120.6


Each 0.67ml pipette contains Fipronil 67mg 
Always read the label

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