VetPlus Coatex Aloe-Oatmeal Shampoo (500ml)



This shampoo is designed to match the pH of the skin therefore can be used frequently. It helps against
  • Build-up of bacteria
  • Helps maintain good coat health
  • Helps keep your dog clean and smelling fresh

This shampoo has a detangling action for long and thick haired breeds, yet a mild action to remove puppy scale. Coatex can be used on dogs and cats that have normal, sensitive, itchy and dry skin. 

Suitable for all Dogs

Safety Warning 
Shake the bottle well, wet the animals coat with water, massage small amounts into the coat while continuously adding water to aid dispersion ( continue until a generous lather is generated), leave on the coat for five minutes, rinse well and repeat procedure.

Aqua Sodium C14-16, Olefin Sulphonate, Glycerine Lauramide, DEA Lactic Acid, Fragrance Polyquaternium and 10 Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate.
Always read the label

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