Collo Cal D (1L)



Palatable and popular amongst cats and dogs, Collo-Cal D is a delicious Calcium & Vitamin D supplement specially designed to ideally meet the nutritional requirements of young animals, whelping bitches and nursing queens. Also suitable for administration to older animals to supplement their diet, Collo-Cal D is simply added to drinking water and helps to promote high energy levels. Calcium is well known as an essential component for optimal bone growth and bone structure, hence why a Calcium-rich supplement is ideal for young, growing animals. Vitamin D improves is known to enhance the absorption of Calcium, maximising the efficacy of your supplement.

Suitable for all cats & dogs

Safety Warning
Simply add the required quantity to water, milk or feed.

Puppies/Dogs 1ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Whelping Bitches 1ml per 1kg bodyweight per day
Kittens/Cats 0.5ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Nursing Queen 0.5ml per 1kg bodyweight per day


0.75% w/v colloidal solution of calcium, 70iu of Vitamin D per ml.

Always read the label

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