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Cosequin Cat Caps Sprinkle (15x10pk)

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A Complementary Feed to support joint function in cats and dogs. Cosequin is an effective nutritional supplement that helps maintain and support joint health in cats and dogs.

✓ The Original Feline Joint Health Supplement

✓ No1 Veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement brand 

✓ Also recommended by veterinarians to support bladder health

Cosequin is a joint health supplement for cats and dogs that feeds and helps to support the cartilage in their joints, helping them maintain normal movement. It supports the joints by maintaining normal architecture and feeding it key nutrients that help it stay healthy.

There are two key ingredients that make Cosequin a complete joint health supplement:

> Glucosamine Hydrochloride
Used to form vital components of the cartilage structure that provides a smoother surface for easier movement.

> Chondroitin Sulphate
A key component of cartilage that helps keep it strong and healthy.

Feed daily for 4-6 weeks, or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon