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Droncit Spot On For Cats 0.5ml (4tubes)

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Droncit Spot On Worming Drops for Cats is a veterinary strength solution for the treatment of tapeworms in cats.

Each pack includes four tubes containing the active ingredient Praziquantel 20mg; Droncit Spot On Worming Drops for Cats is a systemic treatment and acts via your cat's blood allowing for easy application using the tubes provided.

Also effectively treats Echinococcus multilocularis.

Please note, this item is an authorised veterinary medicinal product.

As such, it is a legal requirement for our Suitably Qualified Person to review your Pet information form before we are able to supply this product.


8mg per/kg bodyweight.

Equivalent to 1 tube per 2.5kg of bodyweight;
Not suitable for use on cats weighing less than 1kg in weight.

Tapeworm infestation is certain to re-occur unless control of intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice etc is undertaken; further treatment may be required.