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Drontal Plus XL Flavour Tabs (8tabs)

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Drontal wormer for XL dogs.



Drontal is a combined roundworm and tapeworm treatment that is suitable for dogs and comes in two sizes.

  1. One tablet per 10kg = Drontal Tasty Bone
  2. One tablet per 35kg = Drontal XL Dog

Not for dogs weighing under 2kg.


Adjust the dosage in accordance to your dogs weight (for example if your dog is 35kg you should use one Drontal Tasty XL tablets).


Drontal should be used as part of a parasite control program as some worms use fleas and similar hosts as part of their lifecycle.


You can use Advantage flea treatment with this worming tablet.


To access the product information datasheet please follow this link to the Veterinary Medicine Directory and search the up-to-date product database.

Main ingredient - Febantel

Drontal tablets are flavoured, so for the majority of dogs they will take them as treats.


The tablets should be given in a single dose orally, with or without food and access to food and water should be provided as normal.


Take care when giving the tablet, dogs have sharp teeth and strong jaws!