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About us


Created in 2003 Pet Remedies has seen the rise of British pet retailing and brought you to good quality products and pet medicines at competitive prices.


Our small family run team in North Wales has recently come together to think “What is important to us?” and well, here are the answers:


> Providing good quality products which improve the health or wellbeing of your pet

> Becoming innovative through constant improvement of the website, product list and services. Such as our personal range from Herbal & Health, specifically chosen by us for you.

> Becoming as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible without jeopardising the health of your pet.

> Offer new products like our boxes and subscriptions so our customers can really see how grateful we are for their loyalty.


We know that your pet means the world to you, just like our pets mean the world to us. This makes us really pleased and honoured that you trust us in providing for them. If you would like to send us your pet pictures, any comments or would like some advice, we’re here for you. Just head to our contact page and choose the most suitable for you!




Contact details

Tel: 01492 593 062
E-mail: sales@petremedies.co.uk 

Pet Remedies is part of the Pharmavet Ltd  Complaints If you have any comments, or wish to make a complaint about any aspect of Pet Remedies,

please email sales@petremedies.co.uk or call 01492 593 062.