Adaptil Collar Pup/Sml37.5Cm



The Adaptil Collar Is Easy To Use And Convenient As It Releases The Dog Appeasing Pheromone Constantly (Even When The Dog Is Outside). The Dog’S Body Temperature And Close Contact Warm The Collar And Encourages The Diffusion Of Pheromones Into The Local Environment. It Is Essential The Adaptil Collar Is In Close Contact With The Dog’S Skin At All Times.

Suitable for Dogs
NOT suitable for sharing. Each unit must only be used on one animal.

Safety Warning
Ideal For: Puppy Socialisation Travelling (For Dogs Travelling Often Or For Long Journeys And/Or Going To New Destinations Such As On Holiday, Moving Home Etc.) Crating/Kenneling/Boarding Training Loud Noises (Thunderstorms Or Fireworks), Especially For Dogs Living Mostly Outdoors And Who Cannot Be Kept Home During Such Events Staying Home Alone (Especially For Outdoor Dogs).

Two Sizes Of Adjustable Collars Are Available:
Puppy/Small Dogs (Fits Neck Up To 37.5Cm) up to 15 kg
Medium/Large Dogs (Fits Neck Up To 62.5Cm) 15 to 50 kg

Each Collar Lasts Up To 4 Weeks And Can Be Replaced As Required. Don't remove the collar, except for shampoo.

Always read the label

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