AlphaTRAK3 Test Strips (50pk)



AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips are for use with the AlphaTRAK3 glucose monitoring systems to offer an easy and accurate way to monitor blood sugar levels in cats and dogs. (Note these can only be used with the AlphaTRAK3 monitoring system)

Designed to give quick and accurate results with just a small droplet (0.3µL) of blood, the strips feature an angled sample area for easy positioning and a sample tab design that allows for fast wicking.

Suitable for all Dogs and Cats

  • Validated for both dogs & cats
  • Test strip results are displayed on the screen stored in the meter's memory
  • The strips require only a tiny 0.3µL (microliter) sample of blood
  • Angled sample area makes it easy to position and the sample tab allows for fast wicking

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