AlphaTRAK3 Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit



AlphaTRAK 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit is a complete starter kit that has been calibrated and validated specifically for cats, dogs and ferrets.

AlphaTRAK's reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision and has a patented technology that means it requires the world's smallest blood sample: only 0.3μl.

This model builds on previous AlphaTrak monitoring systems and now includes a new mobile app to enable seamless, simplified communication and sharing of a pet's information. It will send glucose data and additional information to the veterinary practice in real-time for enhanced diabetic pet care.


  • Calibrated for both cats & dogs
  • Easy to use 3-step process delivers accurate results in seconds
  • Requires only 0.3μl of blood
  • Can use capillary blood, ensuring no venous puncture is needed
  • Features an auto on/off feature for faster testing

The Alphatrak 3 Starter Kit contains:

  • Alphatrak 3 Meter
  • 50 Alphatrak 3 Test Strips
  • Lancing device
  • 30 Alphatrak Lancets
  • Alphatrak control solution
  • Diabetes diary
  • User's guide
  • Carrying case

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