Calm Herbal Tincture

Size: 125ml


The calming herbal tincture contains potent herbs such as 'chamomile' and 'valerian', this blend allows the animal to naturally unwind and relax without having sedative effects. Great for long term calming of nervous, aggressive, over excitable pets or as a aid to training.

Suitable for all cats & dogs

Safety Warning
Supplied in a easy to use measuring bottle.
500ml will last a medium sized cat 250 days, dog 100 days

Feeding guidelines (Add to feed daily):
3 – 5kg 1 – 1.5ml
6 – 9kg 1.5 – 3ml
10 – 19kg 3 – 5.5ml
20 – 29kg 5.5 – 8ml
30 – 39kg 8 – 10ml
40 – 50kg 10 – 12ml

Cleavers, Chamomile, Dandelion, Hawthorn, Hops, Valerian Root, Vervain

Always read the label

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