Frontline Spot On Sm Dog

Size: 6pk


FRONTLINE Spot On is the original flea and tick spot-on formula from FRONTLINE, first used by vets, now available without a prescription. Once applied, the treatment will protect dogs from fleas, ticks and lice -use monthly all year round.

Suitable for Dogs weighing 2 to 10 kg bodyweight

NOT suitable for sharing. Each pipette must only be used on one animal.
  • Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours
  • Kills ticks within 48 hours, helping reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases
  • Kills lice

    Safety Warning   
    Break back the snap-off top of the spot-on pipette along the scored line.
    Part the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze gently to empty its contents onto the skin, preferably at two spots, one at the base of the skull and a second 2-3cm further back.

    Dosage 1 pipette of 2.68 ml per dog (approximately 7.5 - 15 mg/kg)


    Each pipette of 2.68 ml contains:
    Active substances
    Fipronil 268.00 mg
    (S)-methoprene 241.20 mg
    Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) 0.54 mg
    Butylhydroxytoluene (E321) 0.27 mg
    Always read the label

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