Healthspan VetFlea spot-on solution for cats (4 pipettes)



What is VetFlea for Cats?

Fleas, ticks and biting lice have long been the arch-enemies of your cat. If precautions aren’t taken, flea infestations can quickly build-up in your home with one flea laying an average of 2000 eggs over a 2-3 month period. Pesky ticks can also cause problems for your cat but they cannot fly or jump, instead they simply lie in wait for their next host by crawling up grass and undergrowth and then latching on.

The best way to avoid infestations of these unwanted guests is to use preventative treatments such as VetFlea. VetFlea contains Fipronil, an effective active ingredient that gets to work by disrupting the central nervous system of parasites, and is a convenient way to help keep flea and tick infestations at bay and control biting lice.

Why choose VetFlea for Cats?

This spot-on treatment contains Fipronil, a highly effective and clinically proven ingredient to ensure your cat is free from unwanted guests all year round. At the same strength as treatments from the vet you can ensure your pet gets the best treatment at a lower price.

The solution is easy to apply to your cat’s bare skin, ideally where they can’t lick it off.

Is this right for my cat?

All cats are at risk of flea and tick infestations but luckily you can help prevent them from occurring in the first place with an effective spot-on solution such as VetFlea.



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