Indorex Defence Spray (500ml)



Indorex is the number one selling veterinary household flea spray on the market, voted Best Product by readers of ‘Your Dog’ magazine 2 years running, and with so many benefits it is easy to see why! Indorex has a higher Permethrin content than any other household flea spray which means it gives your home the longest protection against adult fleas and dust mites, killing them on contact in minutes for up to 2 months. Piperonyl Butoxide enhances the action of Permethrin, ensuring maximum speed of kill and ensuring the effects last. Permethrin has an excellent safety record and is used in many animal products. Not only does Indorex control adult fleas and dust mites in the home, it also contains Piriproxyfen to prevent flea and dust mite eggs and larvae hatching for 12 months. Pyriproxyfen has no known side effects in humans, dogs or cats. So you can rest assured that one treatment with Indorex provides a year’s worth of safe, effective protection for your home. Indorex is pleasant to use as it is completely odourless and provides excellent value for money, with one can covering 79m² (treatable surfaces in an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house).

Indorex should never be applied directly to the animal (especially cats). It is for use on surfaces in the home.

For best results:

  • Close windows and doors before spraying
  • Spray inside your vacuum cleaner as fleas survive in dust
  • Remove pets and seal fish tank lids before use


Please note that Indorex Spray is an Aerosol and can be sold only in the Mainland UK!

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