Kalm Aid Tabs Cat-Dog (30pk)



Kalm Aid Anxiety Remedy is a nutritional supplement designed to ease dogs and cats which become anxious or fearful in certain situations. Scientific research has shown that animals can show a distinct improvement when the correct nutrients are provided in increased quantities, not normally available in their food. Available for cats and dogs as a liquid or tablets. There is also a gel formulation intended for cats which is easier to give - apply it to their paw and they will lick it off.

Suitable for all cats & dogs

Safety Warning
For a single event feed the tablet 1-2 hours before the required effect. For long-term management or behavioural problems give half the correct rate daily. Safe for puppies and kittens.

Animal weight Feed amount
<5kg Half a tablet
5 - 10kg 1 tablet
10 - 20kg 1.5 tablets
20 - 30kg 2 tablets
30kg+ 2.5 tablets


Green Tea (L-Theanine) 15mg, L-tryptophan 250mg, Meat Flavour (Yeast Extract), Vitamin B3 3mg, Vitamin B1 0.6mg, Vitamin B6 0.05mg

Always read the label

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