Laxapet (50g)



Very palatable and effective, Laxapet is an easy to administer gel suitable for use on hairballs and constipation. Containing a range of vitamins, fish oils and Lecithin, Laxapet supports the body's natural expulsion reaction.

Suitable for all cats & dogs

Safety Warning
Cats: 2.5g to 5g per day for 2 to 3 days, then 1g to 2.5g three times weekly. Squeeze directly from the tube onto cat's nose, tongue or front paw - it will readily be licked off.

Dogs: Use double the Cat amount administered directly into the mouth or mixed into food, and then repeat when necessary

Each 5g of Laxapet contains petrolatum BP 2g, lecithin 250mg, fish liver oil 65mg, vitamin A 800i.u., thiamine HCl 0.25mg, riboflavin 0.15mg, pyridoxine Hcl 0.2mg, cyanobalamin 0.5mcg. Preservatives: sodium benzoate, BHA

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