Panacur Grans 22% Cat-Dog 4.5g (60pk)



Panacur Granules contain the popular worming agent Fenbendazole in a convenient granular form for adding to food. Virtually tasteless, they can be mixed with a small treat, or just into the normal food. Effective against the major tapeworm and roundworm species including Toxocara (which can cause problems if accidentally transmitted to humans), Panacur Granules are mild and kind to pets but lethal to worms!

Suitable for cats & dogs

Safety Warning
Routine Worming For Adult Cats & Dogs - One Single Dose

  • 1g Sachet- treats 2.2kg of bodyweight
  • 1.8g Sachet- treats 4.4kg of bodyweight
  • 4.5g Sachet- treats 10kg of bodyweight

Sachets can be combined for dosing dogs over 10kg.

1g sachet contains 0.222g Fenbendazole and treats 2kg (4.4lb) bodyweight as a single dose (1.1 – 2.2kg)
Sachets sold individually.
Always read the label

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