Rip Fleas Extra Spray 600ml



R.I.P Fleas Extra is an effective, long-lasting environmental household flea spray with a pleasant floral fragrance. It has a unique triple-action formula to break the flea lifecycle and protect your home from flea infestations for up to 12 months.

R.I.P Fleas Extra kills adult fleas and flea larvae within hours, and works to prevent their flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults.


One 600ml spray is sufficient to cover 120m2 (the equivalent to an average 3-4 bedroom house)

Key Ingredients

  • Tetramethrin: Provides instant paralysis of adult fleas; preventing them from biting you or your pet
  • Permethrin: Fast-acting, long-lasting insecticide that will kill fleas and larvae within minutes to hours of exposure
  • S-Methoprene: Long-lasting insect growth regulator that will prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults for up to 12 months

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