Veggie Dent Fresh Chews Sm dog (15pk)



A natural, all vegetable, highly palatable teeth cleaning chew for dogs. VeggieDent chews have a patented ergonomic design and a great triple action formula that helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and tartar. The shape of Veggie Dent Chews facilitates prehension and enhances the mechanical cleaning action of the dogs teeth and gums. Regular use of Veggie Dent chews per day can help keep teeth clean and promote gum health. 

  • Plant-based, no meat ingredients, gluten-free, and easily digestible
  • Non-GMO corn, no artificial ingredients or chemicals, and moderate in calories
  • A unique Z-shape allows it to scrape away tartar from hard-to-reach places

Suitable for all dogs.

Safety Warning
You should read all product packaging prior to use
Small VeggieDent Chews: for dogs 5 - 10kg
Medium VeggieDent Chews: for dogs 10 - 20kg
Large VeggieDent Chews: for dogs over 20kg


Maize starch, Glycerine, Soya protein concentrate, Rice flour, Beer yeast, Sorbitol, Maize cobs, Polyols, Chicory inulin, Pomegranate concentrate.

Always read the label

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