VetPlus Urinaid Tabs (60pk)



Urinaid is uniquely formulated to help promote a healthy bladder in your dog.  It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients to help the body against poor bladder function. Lower urinary tract infections are by far the most common urinary tract disorder seen in dogs. Specific conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hyperadrenocorticism and urolithiasis may increase their incidence.

Suitable for all Dogs

Safety Warning
Urinaid can be given as a treat, mixed with food as directed, or as advised by your vet.

Under 10kg 1 tablet per day
1 1/2 tablets per day
2 tablets per day
Over 30kg
3 tablets per day

Each tablet contains D-mannose 200mg, Cranberry 125mg, Pomegranate 75mg & Ashwagandha 40mg.
Always read the label

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