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Pure Dog Stag Bar XL (225g+)

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Pure Dog Stagbar Antler Dog Chew XL

Stagbars are longer lasting dog chews which wear down slowly into tiny morsels. Under the casing is dry marrow which proves to be a delicious treat that dogs love to finish off with. Stagbars are great for the dog's digestion, chewing releases feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy whilst avoiding a build-up of tartar and plaque on teeth. These low in fat chews contain essential minerals that your dog needs while containing no additives or preservatives.

Please note: As it is a natural product it is impossible to achieve uniformity in each size category, in many cases a medium can be longer and thinner than a large which comes thicker and shorter. It is the weight that decides the category, not the length or girth

The raw material used to make Stagbars is sourced from naturally shed deer antler