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SuperSoothe Skin (100ml)

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SuperSoothe Skin Gel, specially designed to soothe cuts, bruises, swellings and irratated skin. 

SUPERSOOTHE SKIN, by Herbal & Health is a water based, non-oily gel which is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving little residue. It is ideal for soothing and healing cuts, cracked, chapped or sore skin, burns, bruises and swelling. It can be especially soothing to irritable itchy skin.

Whilst most cats or dogs would not like the taste of it, so would not try to lick the gel off,  we would advise that you prevent them from trying to lick the gel has absorbed.

Do not use on cats or dogs which are under 4kg, pregnant or lactating, or under 14 weeks old.

Not suitable for use on small rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, mice etc) 



The main ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera – A soothing herbal healer for both bruising and soft tissue injury
  • Tea Tree Oil (1%) – Known for it’s antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Witch Hazel – Helps promote the healing of bruises and swelling

Apply ample amount to the affected area allowing for absorption. Once applied, use fingertips to massage the gel into the skin. 

The gel can be applied as often as required and generally recommended daily use for two weeks.


If you are using this product with any other Veterinary recommended products, please consult your Veterinary Surgeon before using Super Soothe.

If you have any concerns regarding your pet, contact your Veterinary Surgeon.