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Zylkene Caps 75mg (100pk)

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Zylkene 75g 100 pk for calming in Cats & Dogs

Zylkène is a product that can help support dogs and cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behaviour to cope. These include kennel and cattery stays, house moves, arrival of a new pet or baby, sudden noises e.g. fireworks, travel, vet or groomer visits and Christmas festivities.
Many cats do not cope well in a multi-cat household. There are many ways our pets can respond to new and unpredictable situations and not all animals respond in the same way.

Zylkène should be given up to 5 days before the expected change in environment.

Zylkène is palatable and easy to give; simply mix with food or give as a treat. Give just once a day. Zylkène is preservative and lactose free.