Keeping it Natural for Summer

Most of today’s modern medicines come from nature.  Most herbs have properties beyond adding a little flavour to what we eat.  

Herbs’ health benefits are age old in human medicine, and they’re just as efficacious for animals.

This summer can be a hot and itchy affair for our furry friends.  The good news is there are natural products out there that can help.  

Mother nature knows a thing or two about healing and soothing, and today more and more pet pharmaceutical companies have included natural ranges in their stock.

There are many plants that offer soothing and cooling treatment for irritated or inflamed skin, many of them help heal cuts, bruises and swellings too.  There are gels to take the sting out of the itch and, absolutely brilliantly, more and more are now  ‘lick resistant;’ perfect for small pets, cats and dogs.

Speaking of licking – many people believe that dogs’ tongues are antiseptic, and have healing properties all on their own.  Sorry, not true.  Plenty of bacteria in there!

A natural solution to the defence against parasites is getting closer to nature here too, with a great bundle of holistic weaponry to combat those little pests.

You don’t even have to think about it – there are kits, systems and every which way to get the dreaded parasite into a lather.

But a layered approach is undoubtedly the best way to combat these little horrors.  So treat your pet, his bedding, your home and you’ll be parasite-free.

Worms, fleas and ticks will all succumb to natural remedies and your pet will feel better and smell great too.  Many of the natural remedies are gentle enough to be used on small furries too.

Go for a concentrated flea and tick lathering shampoo that helps repel fleas, eggs, ticks and lice in one wash.  Some of the most efficacious also repel gnats, flies, mosquitoes and other insects – so investing in a bit of pet pamper is a total win-win.

Keeping it natural with your pet is a great way to manage the wellbeing of the smallest members of the family.  The latest natural products work with your pet and are gentle and kind.  Explore our website  to learn more about what natural remedies are about - your pet will love you for it.

Natural remedies are out there for all kinds of conditions and we’ll be looking at some more of them – for bumps, bruises and joints – another time.

In the meantime, enjoy a great natural one stop solution for flea and tick control and you’re all set for whatever the rest of summer – and early Autumn – can throw at you!