Stay Flea Safe This Flea Season

The best way to stay flea safe is to make sure fleas don’t have a fighting chance. As the weather warms up, flea eggs start hatching and looking for new places to burrow. 

These nasty parasites look for warm bodies’ to feast on, and if you haven’t been putting flea medication on your dog or cat, they’re at risk. 

You don’t want your best friend to suffer from fleas or ticks. Fleas and ticks carry diseases, and they make your furry friends itch. If left untreated, they’ll infest your home. 

It’s also much easier to prevent fleas than it is to get rid of them. 


5 Ways to Stay Flea Safe 

Flea prevention is an essential part of caring for your pets. 

  • Regular Flea Check 

  • Even short-haired dogs and cats can be at risk for fleas. To prevent these nasty parasites, you can do daily flea checks around their favourite hiding places. Fleas like to burrow at the base of the tail, behind the ears, and deep in the paw crevices. You can check by pushing the fur aside and looking for flea “dirt,” which shows up as dark specks. Admittedly, this can be tougher to see on darker animals, but if you brush them daily, that can loosen fleas and their eggs. 

  • Bath with Best Flea and Tick Shampoo 

  • We like Flea or Die pet shampoo. It’s specially formulated with natural ingredients and made here in the UK. Regular baths will help protect your dog or cat, and you can pay extra attention to those paws, base of the tail, and behind the ears as you scrub them up.

  • Vacuum 

  • Fleas can lay eggs inside your home too. They like upholstered furniture, crevices, and rugs. Many people don’t realize that flea larvae can lay dormant for months before hatching as the weather warms up. A good Spring cleaning can help you get rid of them in case they’ve made their way inside.

  • Treat with Monthly Flea and Tick Prevention 

  • Topical flea treatments are some of the best flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats.  They paralyze or kill fleas and ticks on contact. 

  • Maintain a Healthy Immune System 

  • Like all parasites, fleas and ticks look for the weakest link. Animals with a robust immune system and regular flea prevention won’t be great hosts. You might find the fleas dead on them, or they may not even try to burrow into your pet’s fur at all.

    A healthy diet, daily exercise, and, yes, regular flea prevention is a great combination to boost your pet’s health and keep them flea safe. 

    These early days of Spring bring the promise of summer, but they also mean flea season will soon start in earnest. Say no to fleas and get the best flea and tick shampoo and topical medication so your furkids can have a flea-free life.