The Good, The Bad & The Furry

Dog Grooming At-Home For Small Dogs 

Do you have a small dog? Do you want to de-mat your pup and help him to have a healthy and shiny coat? Of course, you do! Regular grooming can help your pet smell better, have a healthy coat, and help with flea protection too. 

You can keep up with your dog grooming at home too. Either in between or instead of taking your pup to the groomers. It just takes a little dedication. 

If you have a long-haired dog, you might discover matted fur, especially, behind the ears, under the arms, or around the tail. But with a few simple tricks, you can keep your pooch’s coat healthy and mat-free. You’ll also find that at-home dog bathing can be easier, faster, and neater if you have the right supplies in your dog grooming kit. 

How to Give Your Small Dog or Cat an At-Home Spa Day 

Professional pet groomers start with a good brushing. After all, brushing your pet’s fur loosens dirt and any already loose fur. It can also help you find any tangles. It also allows you with your household clean-up too because it means your pet sheds less since you’ve already corralled that loose fur. 

If your small dog has long hair, you might find matted areas. You’ll definitely want to detangle them. (Hint: if you brush your dog every day or every other day, you’ll reduce the possibility of tangled fur.) Yet, tangles can still happen, so you want to take action right away when you find them because even small tangles can morph into knots quickly. 

So, before you wash your pup, you’ll want to brush out your pup’s fur. Pay special attention to the fur under the arms and the hind legs because these are common areas for tangles. You may need a detangling comb. If your pup does have a knot, hold the fur in one hand and work the comb or brush through the fur with the other. It will take patience, but you don’t want to pull your pet’s fur. 

Once your pup has a smooth coat, you’re ready for the bath. 

For small dogs, you can use the sink or bathtub. Make sure you have access to warm (not hot) water. Start by getting your pup wet all over. Make sure the water goes to the skin so the shampoo will lather. Then, squirt a small dollop of dog shampoo into your hand and rub it into your dog’s fur. Scrub behind the ears and at the base of the tail. Don’t forget your pet’s belly and the underside of the legs!

If your dog isn’t cooperative in the bath, enlist a helper who can feed treats to your pup while you soap him up. We are not above bribery here! 

After you rinse your dog, you can dry them off with a towel. Then, be prepared for the maniacal run and shake routine performed by freshly bathed dogs around the world. 

If you’re looking for the best grooming shampoo to round out your dog’s grooming kit, look no further than our Flea and Die Shampoo. It helps your dog have a healthy coat and offers flea protection too. That sounds like an excellent combination for your dog’s grooming needs!