VetPlus Lypex Caps Blister (60pk)



Lypex Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules are a top quality, veterinary grade, pancreatic supplement that have been specially developed for the control, management and support of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, irritable bowel syndrome, brush border enzyme deficiencies and bile salt deficiencies. Through quality nutrition, the effects of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency can be mitigated and managed. The enzyme ingredients in Lypex granules have a special enteric coating, which protects them from stomach acid when swallowed. More of the active enzyme reaches the intestine where it can be effective.

Suitable for all Cats & Dogs

Safety Warning
Dogs and Cats <10kg: 1 Capsules per day
Dogs (>10kg): 2 Capsules per day

Capsules should be broken open and sprinkled over food. They should be spread over all daily meals and should NOT be administered whole.

Pancreatin, Gelatin.

Analytical constituents (%w/w)
Crude Ash - 10.8
Crude Fibre - 0.2
Crude Oil - 0.2
Crude Protein - 72.0

Always read the label

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