VetPlus Synoquin Tablets Large Breed 120pk



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Providing the essential nutrients which dogs may not receive from their daily diet, Synoquin is a nutritious supplement that offers dogs suffering from arthritis an effective alternative to more traditional drugs. Synoquin is more efficient that regular fish oils as it is more easily absorbed due to being specially formulated with the added ingredient Dexahan (a highly purified form of krill).

Suitable for all Dogs over 25kg

Safety Warning

(See pack for Initial Loading Program)

Maintenance Program Dog Large Breed Tablets » Pack of 120
Weight Frequency
How long will a unit last?
25kg-40kg 1 tablet daily 120 days
Over 40kg 2 tablets daily 60 days



Each Capsule or Tablet Contains: Small Breed <10kg Medium Breed 10-25kg Large Breed >25kg
Glucosamine HCI (99%) 225mg 360mg 475mg
Chondroitin Sulphate (95%) 95mg 135mg 200mg
Dexahan 95mg 135mg 200mg
Ascorbic Acid 22mg 35mg 50mg
Zince sulphate 15mg 20mg 30mg


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